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The Lamkin Clinic is an anti-aging, functional, and precision medicine practice in Edmond, Oklahoma. Opened in 2007 by Brian Lamkin, DO, the practice takes a unique approach to health and wellness, providing therapies that promote proactive-preventive medical care.

The Lamkin Clinic keeps its focus on patients, not merely treating diseases, and specializes in managing conditions like allergies and asthma, arthritis, autoimmune disease, and diabetes.

The wellness clinic offers a wide variety of treatment options, specialty services, and health products so they can provide an integrative plan for all patients. This includes functional and nutritional medicine and programs, male and female bioidentical hormone evaluations, and medical weight loss management.

For holistic, proactive, preventive care, call The Lamkin Clinic, or schedule an appointment online today. Telemedicine appointments are available.

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Our Approach Makes The Difference

Schedule Your Consultation

Come in for your comprehensive consultation, and together, we’ll review your health history, goals, and concerns. We want to understand the big picture to give you the best treatment.

Receive Customized Treatment

Using the information from your consultation and possible lab work or diagnostic tests, we’ll craft a unique treatment plan under the guidance of the right team members to treat the root cause of your health concerns.

Restore Your Life

With a plan of action and a team of experts supporting you, you’re ready to take back your health and enjoy lasting wellness! Your new health approach will enrich all areas of your life.

How Can We Help You


Hormone Therapy
Hormone Therapy
Nutrition Services
Nutrition Services
Diagnostic Services
Diagnostic Services
Functional Medicine
Functional Medicine



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Our Approaches To Wellness
As an interdisciplinary clinic, we are proud to offer many perspectives and input from various specialists to address patient issues and solve problems. See the four areas in which we can help you below.


Functional Medicine
Functional Medicine is an innovative approach that seeks to identify and address the root causes of disease and views the body as one integrated system.


Specialty Programs for Optimal Health & Vitality
We offer a variety of services under the guidance of specialists ranging from nutrition, exercise science, and mind-body medicine to ensure you’re treatment plan is the best for your needs and goals.


General Wellness / Hormone Optimization / Preventative Medicine
We want to keep you well by treating health concerns before they become disasters. Speak to our team about our advanced hormone treatments and other wellness initiatives.


Advanced Diagnostic Testing
We use cutting-edge technology and the latest breakthroughs in medical testing, such as DEXA scans and specialty labs to offer you a completely comprehensive treatment plan.


Additional Services

• Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

• Diagnostic Services

• Dexa Body Composition Scan

• Thyroid Optimization

• Men's Health

• Biotoxin Illness/CIRS

• Allergies and Immunology

• Diabetes & Insulin Resistance

• Medical Weight loss

• Specialty Lab Services

• Growth Hormone and Peptide Therapies

• Cognitive Health Optimization

• Platelet Rich Plasma

Payment Options
At this time, The Lamkin Clinic only accepts private pay for consultations. Some patients may be reimbursed for the consultation from their insurance. Patients have the option of private pay or insurance for lab testings

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Words from our patients

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    "Dr. Lamkin not only offers clear clinical directions and and recommendations for my health, he is also open to new ideas and reviewing articles that I find."

    Daniel V.
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    "If you want to treat the root cause of your issues and not just your symptoms, I highly recommend The Lamkin Clinic."

    Shelby L.
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    "They provide what is actually needed, make suggestions & educate you on additional steps to take to be healthy."

    Keitha M.
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    "I have had nothing but positive experiences working with Dr. Lamkin and the staff at the Lamkin Clinic and I give my highest recommendation!"

    Austin P.
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    "Dr. Brian Lamkin and Dr. Deb Lamkin are both amazing doctors and people who truly want to help you in every way they can."

    Rachel T.
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    "Dr. Lamkin is thorough in his diagnosing of any health issues you might be going through. His staff is caring and quick to respond to calls or emails."

    Jennifer T.
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    "They both make you feel like family. The office has such a peaceful feel. Dr. Lamkin never makes you feel rushed and truly listens to you."

    Sara M.
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    "If you are looking for a Dr who wants to see you at the peak of Health at any age, you need to come see Dr Lamkin!!"

    Shelly B.
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    "Dr. Lamkin is absolutely superb. Everyone who works at the clinic is intelligent, caring, and personable. I drive two hours to go there and it is well worth it."

    Cindy P.
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    "I still have a ways to go but for the first time in my life I feel like I am on the right track with my health."

    Boston G.
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    "This is the place to be if you want a Dr who cares about his patients, the treatment they receive and the food they put in their body."

    Julie J.


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