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Peptide Clinics: Should I Consider One?

Peptides are all the rage right now. And it’s for a good reason. Even though it seems like peptide clinics appeared overnight, peptide injections have been in use to improve athletic performance, assist in weight loss, and even boost sexual stamina...

Feb 9th, 2022
Thyroid Levels: What You Need to Know

Are you feeling exhausted? Are you losing or gaining weight, but you don’t know why? And how about your hair? Is it falling out for no explicable reason?

Jan 22nd, 2022
Stop Your Body Storing Fat? Should You Even Want to?

Storing fat: Your mind probably shuddered at the words! But there’s more to this idea than meets the eye. There are important considerations both for and against storing fat. And it starts with our body’s need for energy.

Jan 10th, 2022
Hysterectomy and Hormone Changes

Having a hysterectomy can be a trying physical and emotional experience, but it doesn’t have to be the end of control over your life.

Dec 10th, 2021
Low Libido: What Can You Do About It?

Libido. You hear that word thrown around a lot, but what exactly is it? And are you one of the 43 percent of women or 31 percent of men suffering from low libido? And if you are, what can you do about it?

Nov 20th, 2021
Hair Loss: 5 Common Causes

Have you noticed handfuls of hair coming out of your head? Or maybe your hairline slowly creeping away?

Nov 10th, 2021
8 Advanced Lab and Diagnostics Services We Offer

At the Lamkin Clinic, one aspect that sets us apart is our extensive suite of advanced lab and diagnostic services. As a result, our services are comprehensive, productive, and effective.

Oct 20th, 2021
Feeling Isolated and Unlike Yourself? Let Us Help

It’s harder to be social and maintain contact with loved ones; our options for exercising and being active are somewhat limited. And the pandemic has undoubtedly made everyone anxious about what to do now, and what comes next.

Oct 6th, 2021
What Is Asthma Exactly? 6 Facts to Know

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), asthma currently affects more than 25 million Americans (approximately 7.7% of adults and 8.4% of children).

Aug 25th, 2021
Common FAQs: What a New Patient Needs to Know

When a new patient comes to our clinic, they are armed with a wide range of questions, and rightfully so. The Lamkin Clinic is distinctively different from ordinary medical practices.

Aug 11th, 2021
Ways to Wake Up Refreshed and Ready Everyday

If you are not a natural “morning person,” don’t worry – you’re certainly not alone! Many people struggle with waking up in the morning and can feel groggy for minutes or even hours after opening their eyes.

Jun 9th, 2021
When’s the Last Time You Saw Your Provider?

Chronic diseases account for 7 out of every ten deaths of Americans per year. In addition, they result in 75% of healthcare costs in the U.S. Diseases like these are easier to treat initially and can be preventable when detected early through tests.

May 12th, 2021
8 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep can have a huge impact on your overall health from the inside out. Research has shown that individuals who get quality sleep regularly have:

Apr 21st, 2021
6 Changes to Help Your Weight Loss Plan

When it comes to weight loss, there are often several recommended diet and lifestyle changes that patients need to make to be successful well after their diet has ended.

Apr 7th, 2021
7 Foods That Will Boost Your Metabolism

Food plays a huge role in how our brains and bodies can perform. From boosting cognitive abilities to providing an extra boost of energy, what you consume has a lot of weight other than calorie count alone.

Mar 31st, 2021
6 Reasons Why Preventive Care Is Important

Unfortunately, many people don’t go to the doctor as often as they should for preventive care. They believe that if they aren’t suffering from any specific illness or symptoms, there’s no reason to schedule an appointment.

Feb 3rd, 2021
Feeling a Little Down? You Mood Is Not Uncommon

It’s harder to be social and maintain contact with loved ones; our options for exercising and being active are somewhat limited. And the pandemic has undoubtedly made everyone anxious about what to do now, and what comes next.

Jan 27th, 2021
10 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

When it comes to heart disease, protecting the health of your heart is more important than ever before. Recent studies found heart disease remains the leading cause of death for Americans.

Dec 9th, 2020
Have Questions About Allergies and Autoimmune Diseases?

With the global pandemic corresponding with the arrival of pollen season, it’s an ideal time to take a closer look at both allergies and the health of your immune system. These issues may impact your day-to-day life.

Nov 3rd, 2020
Thyroid Optimization: What You Need to Know

Thyroid disease is one of the most common medical conditions in the country. In America alone, an estimated 27 million individuals have thyroid disease, which could potentially be as high as 60 million. That’s where thyroid optimization comes into play.

Oct 7th, 2020
Annual Physical Exams Don’t Have to Be Scary!

It’s easy to blow off an annual physical, but yearly exams are essential to keep you healthy. Some people approach a physical with anxiety and fear and want to avoid them at all costs.

Aug 19th, 2020
Surprising Health Risks of Being Overweight, and What You Can Do

The health risks of being overweight or obese are certainly well documented. Being overweight can increase your risks for heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, and several other long-term medical conditions that can have deadly consequences.

Mar 11th, 2020
Gut Health: What You Need to Know

In the last year or two, you may have been hearing more about your gut and its connection to your overall wellbeing. When it comes to the big picture of your health, your gut is more important than most people think.

Dec 11th, 2019
DEXA Scan: Understanding Your Body

Weight-loss is one of the hottest topics in the health arena. So, it’s no wonder there are limitless ways to gauge your success, as well as whether you are at a healthy weight.

Oct 23rd, 2019
HGH Therapy: Improvements in Growth Hormone Production

If you’ve noticed you haven’t been looking or feeling your best, rest assured you are by no means alone. Natural aging has several unpleasant side impacts across the board that vary by individual, as well as life stage.

Oct 9th, 2019
The Bredesen Protocol Explained

Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other cognitive diseases have become a rising problem in America. Recent studies suggest that a person’s risk of dementia doubles every five years, starting at age 65.

Sep 25th, 2019
Thyroid Disease: Treatment & Options Explained

Thyroid disease is one of the most common, yet misunderstood and overlooked, conditions in Americans. It’s estimated that in the United States, at least 27 million and as many as 60 million people have thyroid disease. 

Jun 5th, 2019
Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Right for Me?

When it comes to treating hormonal imbalance, there is no uniform approach. Yet, many in the medical field continuously prescribe “band-aid” treatments that may work for some but don’t offer all patients optimal results,...

May 29th, 2019
3 Things to Know About Nutrition in Functional Medicine

For years, our healthcare system has always been focused on treating the symptoms of disease. Patients going to the doctor would expect to get treatment for their disease or chronic condition by way of a drug prescribed by the medical professional.

Jan 28th, 2019
How Functional Medicine Helps You Feel Your Best

How many times have you seen your doctor for an ailment, only to have all your X-rays, blood tests, and other diagnostic tests come back normal? You know you’re suffering, and so does your doctor, but what can they do?

Dec 4th, 2018
Should You Consider Natural Hormone Therapy?

The question of whether menopausal or perimenopausal females should begin natural hormone replacement (HRT) is an individual one. There are no broad brushstrokes to paint this picture.

Feb 26th, 2018
Common Hypothyroidism Symptoms

An underactive thyroid is a medical condition known as hypothyroidism where certain hormones that are usually secreted by the thyroid gland are no longer produced in sufficient quantities or at all.

Dec 4th, 2017
Testosterone Replacement in Men

Well documented in the scientific literature is that the male aging process is associated with declining testosterone levels. It is also well established that testosterone plays a prominent role in many physiologic processes that impart good health.

Nov 7th, 2017
To Treat, or Not to Treat… a Thyroid Conundrum

Thyroid hormone synthesis and then its delivery to where it needs to go is a complex process that involves various stages. The process begins in the brain and ends in the cells and tissues if all goes right.

Oct 3rd, 2017
The Insulin Resistance Hump

One of the most important screening tests we’ve been using for years at The Lamkin Clinic is the fasting insulin test. Insulin is the hormone produced by the pancreas to drive glucose (blood sugar) into the cells to produce energy.

Sep 19th, 2017
The Consequences of Poor Sleep on Health and Aging

leep is one of those wonderfully built-in processes that we all need to maintain health. Everyone on the planet needs regular quality deep sleep (usually between seven to eight hours) for optimal health.

Sep 5th, 2017
The Keys to Reversing Diabetes, Part Two

A couple weeks ago in the first part of this series, I wanted to achieve two goals. First, to help people with insulin resistance or type II diabetes understand what “insulin resistance” really is.

Aug 15th, 2017
The Keys to Reversing Diabetes, Part One

Most people consider the predominant form of diabetes (type II) to be merely a condition of high blood sugar, but the fundamental problem is much more complex (and interesting).

Aug 1st, 2017
The Underlying Reason You Can’t Lose Weight

Unfortunately, being overweight has a stigma associated with it. The opinionated and under-informed often think that overweight people are gluttonous, don’t have any discipline, or are just lazy.

Jul 18th, 2017
The Difference Between Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism

Your thyroid is a very important, small, butterfly-shaped gland in your neck that controls production of some of the most critical hormones in your body. Among other bodily functions, your thyroid hormones regulate your body’s metabolism.

May 16th, 2017