Fitting Exercise Into Your Busy Schedule

Fitting Exercise Into Your Busy Schedule

If you’ve tried to lose weight for any length of time, you know the two most basic things you have to do: eat healthy and exercise.

But just because those are the basic elements of losing weight doesn’t mean they’re easy! In fact, many people who are trying to lose weight find themselves frustrated in particular by the need to exercise regularly.

They struggle to find time in their busy schedules to fit in a workout. Or they remember a time when they used to be more active, and are frustrated by trying to get “back up to speed.” Adults are recommended to have 30 minutes of physical activity, at least five days a week—but if that sounds difficult, don’t worry. You can split that 30 minutes up throughout your day!

For busy adults, the trick is to find time to exercise in a way that will challenge you without exerting you to the point of injury. Here are several ways you can fit more activity into your everyday life—you can scale up or down based on your current level of fitness.

Out and about

At home


A lot of activities that we outsource can give you a good workout if you decide to do them yourself! Here are a few to try:

You don’t have to be a weightlifting champ or a marathon runner to increase your physical activity level. And exercising can help you in all kinds of ways in addition to reaching your weight loss goals! You’ll sleep better, be less stressed, and you may even notice a lower level of chronic inflammation.

Especially if it’s been a while since you last kept up an exercise regimen, or if you’re working with an injury or chronic pain, talk with a doctor you trust to help you find an exercise plan that will be best for you.

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