Peptide Clinics: Should I Consider One?

Peptide Clinics: Should I Consider One?

Peptides are all the rage right now. And it’s for a good reason. Even though it seems like peptide clinics appeared overnight, peptide injections have been in use to improve athletic performance, assist in weight loss, and even boost sexual stamina since the 1920s!

Modern-day treatments have become even more effective due to

Many people think of peptides like they think of vitamins. They all get lumped into one general group. But, just like with vitamins, there are many different kinds of peptides, and they each have specific effects on the human body.

Moreover, peptides aren’t just for the aging or for athletes and bodybuilders. They can be useful for anyone who wants to experience optimal health and wellness. You might want to rethink peptide clinics now you know!

So – You Might Need Peptide Clinic Treatments if…

Well, first of all, let’s be clear what peptides are!

Peptides are strings of amino acids, which are the “building blocks” of proteins. Peptides occur naturally in your body, but as you age, your body’s natural production of essential amino acids decreases. That’s where laboratory-made peptides come in.

Among other things, peptides

  1. influence how your body responds to diet and physical exercise,
  2. affect your skin’s ability to tan, and
  3. support your immune responses.

How do you know if peptide therapy may benefit you?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you should consider peptide clinics.

However, we wouldn’t suggest just any clinic. Not all peptide clinics use licensed medical professionals.

In addition, when you’re consider which clinic, remember your individual body composition and needs are unique, so not all peptides will be right for you.

For this reason, it’s best to work with a functional medicine doctor who can look at your overall health and customize a whole-body treatment plan that includes peptides.

Peptide Treatments Can…

Lab-made peptides are built to mimic some of the peptides naturally found in your body. They may be used in medications for conditions ranging from diabetes to multiple sclerosis.

Studies have found that peptide treatments can also:

Peptide treatments involve injecting natural peptides into the body. Once absorbed, they increase your body’s natural production of hormones.

As an example, we’ll use HGH peptides to show how peptides can work on, and affect, your body.

1 Growth hormone deficiency (in adults) is a typical result of aging. If you have growth hormone deficiency, then you may notice a decline in energy, motivation, poor sleep, poor exercise tolerance, and increased body fat.

Getting daily injections of HGH peptides can therefore restore HGH levels and decrease (or even eliminate) the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency.

2 Another peptide called Sermorelin can boost your own HGH levels. This will help to slow the process of aging so you can live your best life. You can use it alongside other peptides as well as on its own.

In addition, Sermorelin tends to be much less expensive than HGH and physicians also deem it safer.

Sermorelin alone can:

So imagine what can be accomplished when your peptide clinic provider uses it for you in the proper doses and combines it with other peptides or therapies!

What About GLP-1 Peptides That Are Hyped For Weight Loss?

The GLP-1 class of peptides is proving to be a breakthrough for weight loss. As we said up top, peptides are not just for older people or bodybuilders! This particular class has gained in popularity because they help lower A1C for those who struggle to lose weight and have Type 2 diabetes. Blood sugar levels are key to avoiding complications with diabetes.

In addition, they have a similar effect to injecting insulin. However, they bring with them only a minimal risk of hypoglycemia – another concern of diabetic treatments with insulin – while also helping with weight loss. They also help reduce risks to your heart and blood vessel build-ups of fatty deposits. What’s not to like?

The Cost of Therapy at Peptide Clinics

Peptide therapy costs depend on what peptides are used and the prescription. For example, therapies for low growth hormone are typically $150 to $600/month for some of the growth hormone-releasing peptides (such as Ipamorelin, Sermorelin, or Tesamorelin) and $1200 for HGH itself.

The range of these costs will be down to the prescribed dose as well as the dispensing pharmacy. Using growth hormone-releasing peptides like Sermorelin can be just as, or more, effective than their pricier counterpart, HGH. Growth hormone-releasing peptides also do not suppress your natural production but rather stimulate you to produce more on your own.

The most common peptides that we use in our practice are:

CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin, which can naturally induce HGH production, with fewer side effects than synthetic HGH.

Sermorelin – the longest-used growth hormone-releasing peptide.

Tesamorelin – a very potent growth hormone-releasing peptide that can help increase energy and stamina, increase lean muscle, decrease visceral and adipose fat, lower inflammatory markers, and improve cognition.

Thymosin Alpha 1 – a fighter of acute and chronic infections and protector against oxidative stress.

Thymosin Beta 4, which plays an essential role in repairing damaged tissue and regenerating, remodeling, and protecting damaged or injured tissues.

BPC 157 – a body-protector that can speed tendon-to-bone healing and heal damaged ligaments; it also helps protect organs, prevent stomach ulcers, and decrease pain felt in damaged areas.

HGH – Human growth hormone

HCG peptides (Human chorionic gonadotropin) – an essential hormone during pregnancy; also beneficial in fertility treatments, weight-loss protocols, and helping men increase their natural testosterone production.

Optimal Wellness is Within Reach!

Dr. Lamkin has over 12 years of experience working with aging patients and patients concerned about their hormonal health.

At the Lamkin Clinic, we always take a comprehensive approach that includes assessment, discussion (including risks vs. benefits), and a customized plan to help you achieve optimal health! Contact us for a consultation today!

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Article Name Peptide Clinics: Should I Consider One?
Description Learn what peptides are and the different kinds available at peptide clinics. We explain about the popular GLP-1 peptides and also the cost of peptide treatment. In fact all you need to know to decide if you should visit a peptide clinic!

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