Thyroid Got You Down?

Thyroid Got You Down?

Are you feeling the effects of a low or thyroid? You’re not alone! Thyroid disease is an increasingly common cause of fatigue and weight gain.

The symptoms

Not all people with low thyroid present the same. Some of the more common symptoms of low thyroid include fluid retention (puffy face), constipation, depression, cold hands/feet, dry skin, brain fog and unhealthy appearance of hair and nails.

Any one of these symptoms could mean that you have low thyroid. Rarely will one person have all the symptoms, but many will often have several occurring simultaneously.

A sensitive organ

The thyroid is a sensitive organ that can function optimally in spurts but leave you deficient for extended periods of time. So sensitive, that lifestyle factors play a significant role in thyroid health. Lack of quality sleep, nutrient deficiencies, alcohol consumption, stress, and adrenal gland dysfunction to name a few can have a direct effect on how your thyroid is functioning.

To add to the diagnostic challenge is that not all doctors evaluate the thyroid the same. Some physicians will only look at TSH, when the more direct measurement of free and total T3 and T4 would provide additional insight. Thyroid antibodies should also be assessed as well. An individual can present with autoimmune thyroid and still have normal TSH!

Optimal health

Research shows that optimal health occurs when thyroid levels are optimized, not just brought within the normal range.

To bring out an old grade school analogy… Why get a C when you can get an A? Why feel just okay when you can feel great?

To your health,

Brian E Lamkin DO

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