What Is Considered a Healthy Weight? Dexa Scan Can Help!

What Is Considered a Healthy Weight? Dexa Scan Can Help!

Many health-seekers are overwhelmed by the sheer range of options available when it comes to weight loss. Weight loss is one of the hottest topics in the health arena. So, it’s no wonder there are limitless ways to gauge your success, as well as whether you are at a healthy weight.

But, it’s not unusual for the weight to come back and then some. The reason why may be due to unintended muscle loss in the weight-loss process, thus losing the metabolic machinery. Measuring your body composition (lean muscle and fat pounds) and determining your weight-loss plan based on these numbers is a tricky endeavor that can have unpredictable results.

Let’s Talk About Body Mass Index

But the problem with relying on strict BMI calculations – or any form of measurement that is based on a couple of generalized questions – is that this isn’t necessarily an accurate portrait of what your body needs. Bear in mind that a 5’6” woman can weigh anywhere from roughly 115 pounds to 150 pounds and still be considered at a “healthy” weight, and this calculation does not take the facts that matter the most into consideration.

For instance:

This Is Where the DEXA Body Composition Scan Comes into Play

The DEXA Body Composition Scan goes miles beyond the typical BMI calculator or other weight measurement tool. It provides accurate and in-depth information on your body’s unique make-up.

Known as the “gold standard of body composition analysis,” the DEXA Scan is trusted by elite sports labs and medical institutions around the world to obtain a precise reading of several health factors. This includes your body mass index, but it goes miles beyond this basic info to provide you with the data that matters most.

With a DEXA Scan, you’ll garner a better understanding of:

In addition to providing a complete portrait that will help determine your weight loss goals, your DEXA scan will also identify your long-term health risks for:

Simply put, with a DEXA scan, you’ll have a better understanding of your:

What to Expect During Your DEXA Scan

Though the DEXA scan provides in-depth results, the procedure itself is easy and pain-free and takes just minutes to complete. On the day of your scan, simply come to the Lamkin Clinic in comfortable workout clothes in preparation for the scan.

We’ll ask you to lie down on the scanner for approximately 6 to 10 minutes, and your results will be available immediately after the test.

That’s it! In just a few short minutes, you’ll have a complete picture of your:

Where We’ll Go from Here

After your scan, we’ll gather the results and sit down with you one-on-one to explain what this extensive data means for you.

Once this data is in hand, we’ll be able to offer you:

For example, you may need to concentrate on your belly fat, which can heighten your risk for a wide range of cardiovascular diseases, or you may mistakenly believe that you need to lose weight, when in fact, the majority of your mass is lean muscle.

These measurements are essential because your diet and weight-loss needs can’t simply be boiled down to a number on a scale – there are a number of other factors that come into play when determining the right diet and lifestyle plan for you.

After Your DEXA Scan, You’ll Have a Clear Path Forward

So, can you now answer the question, “What Is Considered a Healthy Weight?” Yes! One of the best attributes about obtaining a DEXA scan with the Lamkin Clinic is that your journey doesn’t just end with your final results. We’ll be able to translate these numbers into clear and actionable next steps, and also offer a wide array of programs designed to help you achieve the healthiest lifestyle possible.

From nutritional services to medical weight loss plans, you’ll find that at the Lamkin Clinic, your path to better health goes miles beyond the basics. Want to learn more? Contact us today to schedule your DEXA body scan, and let’s work together to collect a clear picture of your overall health.


Article Name What Is Considered a Healthy Weight? DEXA Scan Can Help!
Description Do you need to lose weight? Take a look at how a DEXA scan can provide a clearer picture of your overall health and weight loss goals.

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