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Dr. Lamkin utilizes a systematic approach to wellness that incorporates investigative lab testing and diagnostics, clinical evaluation, and proactive reversal of silent bio markers that interfere with optimal health.

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The Lamkin Clinic’s 8 simple Steps to optimal health…

  • Nutrition: Micronutrient deficiencies are common and predispose to problems with energy, metabolism, and immune function. We’ll help you identify and correct any micro-nutrient deficiencies that may exist through clinical evaluation and objective lab testing.
  • Lifestyle: Chronic stress and lack of deep restorative sleep can cause a whole host of problems with fatigue, poor mood, and lack of mental focus (just to name a few). We’ll help you identify and correct lifestyle factors and neurotransmitter imbalances that may play a role in preventing restorative sleep.
  • Inflammation: Through specific lab testing, we’ll Identify and reduce systemic and vascular inflammation that interfere with normal physiology and lead to health problems including risk for heart disease and cancer.
  • Detoxification: Thousands of new toxins are introduced into our environment each year. The accumulation over a lifetime can take its toll on health. Through specific lab testing we’ll help you Identify and reduce heavy metal and toxic element load. If testing indicates significant exposure, a rotating detox protocol will be initiated until urine toxic clearance reduces to baseline.
  • Immunity: Individuals who are ill recurrently, have trouble getting over general colds and flu’s, have asthma and/or allergies, or autoimmune disease have an imbalance in immune system function.
  • Gut Health: Imbalances within the gastrointestinal tract including Gut dysbiosis (abnormal balance of healthy bacteria), increased permeability of the GI tract (“Leaky Gut Syndrome”), and/or food allergies will need to be corrected.
  • Hormonal balance: Hormonal decline and/or deficiencies begin as early as the thirties and may contribute to weight gain, muscle loss, low libido, and mood/cognitive changes. Correction of imbalance can help restore youthful vigor and physique.
  • Fitness: If some form of exercise (i.e. cardio, strength training, Yoga, Stretching etc…) is not a part of daily routine, recommendations and/or referrals will be made to refer you to a specialist/health coach/ trainer to get you started.

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