Peptide Therapies

Peptide Therapies are a popular therapeutic intervention for aging men and women globally. Unfortunately, many people are unfamiliar with the unique benefits certain peptides including human growth hormone (hGH) can have on the human body. Additionally, misinformation has led many to believe that these therapies are only suitable for older patients or those looking to gain muscle mass, like bodybuilders. Neither is true!

The truth is that growth hormone production peaks in our mid 20’s, and while growth hormone can help build muscle, it serves a greater purpose. Growth hormone is more of a metabolic hormone that’s responsible for many functions, like regulating energy (fat) reserves. One of the most potent benefits of HGH therapy is the loss of omental body fat, which is the inflammatory fat around the abdomen and organs. In addition to its inflammatory nature, omental fat is also linked to a risk for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Peptide Therapy for Hormone Deficiency

Weight-loss resistant patients may benefit from weight loss injections, which accelerate body fat loss and reverse metabolic problems. Growth hormone and peptide therapy injections help your body metabolize your energy stores more optimally, which can lead to weight loss and body recomposition. Once optimal results are achieved, patients may discontinue HGH therapy and watch their natural levels improve on their own.

Numerous research studies confirm that increasing growth hormone leads to more LEAN muscle mass and less FAT mass. The benefits do not stop there.

Many men and women report:

Improvement in skin tone and increased youthful appearance of skin
Improved mood, outlook, and quality of life
Increased energy and recovery / response to exercise
Improved depth of sleep
Increased cognitive function including memory and processing speed
Reduction of body fat, particularly truncal (waist & abdomen)
Increased lean muscle mass

And more! If you’re curious if HGH therapy could be the answer you’re looking for, let’s talk. Get in touch today to schedule your consultation!

Common Questions about Peptide Therapy

What are the most common benefits reported by men and women? While every patient differs, many experience improved skin tone and appearance, the loss of subcutaneous and abdominal fat, improved sleep, enhanced quality of life, and mental outlook.

  1. When is treatment for low growth hormone appropriate?  When there are signs and symptoms that combined with blood tests confirm low levels.


  1. Are there symptoms that indicate low growth hormone levels? Yes! Patients may notice a decline in energy, motivation, poor sleep, poor exercise tolerance, and body fat gains.


  1. What do the therapies for low growth hormone cost?  Treatment costs typically $150 to $600/month for some of the growth hormone-releasing peptides (such as Ipamorelin, Sermorelin, or Tesamorelin) and $1200 for hGH itself. These cost ranges are dependent on the prescribed dose as well as the dispensing pharmacy. The growth hormone-releasing peptides can be just as or more effective than its pricier counterpart. Another benefit is that they do not suppress your natural production but rather stimulate you to produce more on your own.


We always recommend consulting with a knowledgeable physician before beginning any treatments. A physician with experience and expertise will be able to guide you during the collective approach to your health based on your symptoms, health history, exam findings, and supporting lab work. As with any therapy, risks vs. benefits should be part of that discussion.

Dr. Lamkin has over 12 years of experience working with aging patients and patients concerned about their hormonal health. We always take a comprehensive approach that includes assessment, discussion, and a customized plan to help you achieve optimal health!

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*hGH therapy is FDA approved for documented growth hormone deficiency. Lab testing and clinical assessment are necessary to make this diagnosis.
Learn more about peptide therapies and the latest research at Peptide Society.

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