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Allergies and asthma are two distinct diseases. However, in some people, allergies trigger or worsen asthma symptoms. At The Lamkin Clinic in Edmond, Oklahoma, Brian Lamkin, DO, takes a proactive approach to health and wellness. For patients with allergies and asthma, the functional medicine practice employs low dose immunotherapy (LDA). To get help with your allergies and asthma, call the office, or schedule an appointment online today.

Allergies and Asthma Q&A

What are allergies and asthma?

Allergies and asthma are separate chronic health conditions. 


Allergies are an immune-system reaction to a substance that’s harmless to most people. When you come in contact with this substance, your immune system releases antibodies and chemicals that attack the substance, triggering the allergic reaction.

You can have an allergic reaction to any substance. However, common allergies include environmental allergies like pollen and dust and food allergies like wheat and milk.


Asthma is a lung condition that causes inflammation, narrowing, and overproduction of mucus in the lung airways. These changes to the airway passages make it hard to breathe.

What is the connection between allergies and asthma?

Allergies and asthma are common health conditions that often occur together. Allergies cause a wide range of symptoms that can affect your skin, respiratory system, or digestive system.

When people with allergies come in contact with their allergen, they may have asthma symptoms. This is known as allergic asthma. Though allergic asthma is common in people with environmental allergies that affect the respiratory system, you may also have asthma symptoms with food allergies. 

Traditionally, health care providers treat allergies and asthma as separate health conditions. The Lamkin Clinic takes a more holistic and comprehensive approach to health and medical problems like allergies and asthma, treating the root cause. 

What can I expect during a consultation for allergies or asthma?

You can expect a patient-centered exam when you visit The Lamkin Clinic for an allergy and asthma consultation. Your provider asks detailed questions about your symptoms, medical history, usual diet, and daily routine.

They perform a physical exam and run specialty lab testing to get a better sense of your overall health and the root cause of your health issues. Testing might include:

  • Gut microbiome assessment
  • Testing for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) 
  • Food allergy and reactivity testing
  • Genetic assessment
  • Nutritional analysis

The comprehensive consultation gives your provider a complete picture of your overall health. 

What types of treatments help allergies and asthma?

The Lamkin Clinic employs low dose immunotherapy (LDA) to treat allergies and asthma. Immunotherapy involves giving you small doses of the substance that triggers your allergic reaction, helping your body build an immunity to it.

LDA differs from traditional immunotherapy in that it requires only one treatment every two months rather than weekly treatments. LDA also works for patients who have food and chemical sensitivities. 

The Lamkin Clinic considers LDA for allergies and asthma more effective and less expensive than traditional treatments.

To get help for your allergies and asthma, call The Lamkin Clinic, or schedule an appointment online today.